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Gav’s growing clever not stupider...


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I have been a registered member for more than a year but only in last couple months see clearly why I love to be here at BCgame.

Due to sad events in my personal life I came spending more time and focus on building my knowledge and foundation for cryptocurrency which is the future speedily giving our world greater fairer and accessible opportunity.

In last few months I have learned the great joy and benefits being a member here at BCgame by making friends, learning from advice I read here in forum and genuinely helped my health in chatroom by talking openly and to extent anonymous...

all this I am proud to share and with truth declare I have learned much about cryptocurrency and how to increase gains legitimately with success!

I am currently VIP3 and extremely keen to reach VIP4 so I am here daily and welcome anyone to give advice, ask questions or share love! 

My name is Gav and I thank BCGAME and members, friends and staff for giving me a genuine location I can be happy and positive about me and my children’s future.

❤️ Thankyouuu ❤️  

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I am so faithfully believing I will reach VIP4 by March! 
it’s a challenge I am persistently trying and pushing for!

So now it’s written and open for all to see I have this challenge and let’s see in March when I succeed!

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