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How to precede the lose and always win


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How to precede the loss and always win
Well I'll write you five rules for my strategy:
1- You have to play on 1% of your balance or less.
2- You have to play manually and not automate anything ((Pay attention))

 3- You have to change the ratio bar between each stroke and hit, so you read the patterns and movements of the dice and precede it. Also, do not let the computer ever read your thoughts, but be confused by your changes.

4-You have to make the red tape shorter than the green tape, so you can reduce your losses and win more.

5- Do not adopt any strategy more than one minute and try to refresh the page every 40 seconds.

These are the rules of this game to win

Good luck everyone

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I’ve developed a more efficient strategy this far although after it’s a tedious efforts my mental fortitude and then challenged and I begin making more more mistakes was practice this will benefit those that understand. I always start the first roll minimum Bet and 50%. Second row becomes a benchmark to the chair in the way of the comin rules the game will always try to outsmart your better judgment by patterned rolls meant to dodge your next guess. I’ve gotten hot streaks as many as 30x rolls with 2.5 - 3x payout. It looks like it’ll go opposite but will stay in high or low area for 4-5 rolls and if not it’ll change within 2- so missing the first roll of the sequence will cause the average player to switch over thinking more hits will happen - sometimes it’ll flip flop back and forth 5-10 times before settling in the mid area outside your payout scale. This is usually when I get annoyed and increase the scale only to get switched and baited by the new pattern. The game is obviously trying to seem random - but I doubt it is fully random. I have used the strategy the dice employs against the game effectively predicting the patterns it uses. It’s more like a game of keep away. Get the interceptions as they are trying to get around your choices. Bust on low and stay for one or two... sometimes three but the switchback will be doubled as you are choosing the path that simple logic assumes and the game is scripted to preempt. It’s a ramble but it works for me. Til I get fatigued 

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